Coming Soon!

One of my 2014 goals is to start sharing my crochet patterns.  That is proving to be difficult for me.  Besides the fact that I’d much rather be crocheting and creating new pieces than sitting on the computer typing up a new pattern, I’m also discovering how much time it actually takes to write up a pattern, and then edit, and edit, and edit again. But alas, I will make this happen!  While I’m not quite ready to share my first pattern yet I thought I’d go ahead and tempt your taste buds by revealing what it will be.  So….here it is!


My colorful striped owls!  These little guys are so fun to make and really easy.  All you need to know is basic increase and decrease crochet stitches.  It’s perfect for beginner and first time crocheters and still a quick fun project for the advanced. Oh, and the best part…it will be free!  Yay! What could be better than a free pattern to add to your stash?!

So stay tuned!

To be sure you don’t miss it follow me on facebook here.  I’ll be sure to make the release announcement there!


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