Spring Blanket

So last year I had this grand idea to crochet a beautiful spring blanket.  Here I am one year later still working on that same beautiful spring blanket. lol  🙂

  shanonigans beautiful spring blanket

Now obviously I didn’t work on this continuously for one year…. I’m not that slow of a hooker. 🙂  Actually, I only tend to work on it in the spring and summer….which is a little odd because most crocheters tend to take the warmer months off from working up large blankets and afghans.  Must be those pretty spring colors that keep me going.

spring crochet stitches

Anyways, I’ve had several people ask me what pattern I used and what hook.  So I thought I’d answer those questions here.  First off, there is no pattern.  Not in terms of an actual pattern to work from or in the blanket. There is no pattern to my color choices or what stitch I used on each row.  Of course, I did choose my 8 colors (listed below) of yarn before I even start. And I decided to only use rows of single crochets (sc) or double crochets (dc) but other than that there is no rhyme or reason to the order.  I’m working it up using a 5.5mm “I” hook and these pretty colors:

Vanna’s Choice – Mustard
Impeccable – Rouge
Impeccable – Grass
Impeccable – Aqua
Impeccable – White
Simply Soft – Persimmon
Red Heart Soft – Guacamole
Red Heart Soft – Seafoam

colorful spring blanket stitches

I started with around 250 chains and then did a row of dc in aqua starting in the 3 ch from the hook all the way to the end.  At the end of that row I attached the next color (in my case seafoam blue) in the last pull through of the last st.  I turned my blanket, did 2 chains and dc down the line until that row was complete.  At the end of that row I pulled up my next color (white) on the last pull through of the last st.  Then I turned and chained only one because I wanted to do a row of sc stitches.  At that point I continued on with my row of sc to the end.  After that I continued in the same process, randomly picking colors and randomly picking my row of stitches to be sc or dc.  Now I’m at about 115 rows and would like to  triple that!  Wowzers…I better get busy!

It’s a fun, mindless project. You know those kind that you don’t have to think about.  It gives me a break from my amigurumi pieces and helps me relax.  Of course there’s a good chance I’ll still be working on this blanket this time next year, but eventually it will be done and I’ll love it even more!

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Happy hooking!


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