FBF Doll Pattern and Request


Yay! The Feel Better Friends crochet doll pattern is now available!

berkeley doll collage

For those of you who don’t know, Feel Better Friends are handmade dolls stuffed with love and well wishes. The idea started as a gift for a little girl battling cancer.  Due to chemo she had lost her hair and often times wore a wig. I thought it would be great if she could have a doll she could relate to.  One that looked just like her, bald and beautiful and with her own wig!  FBF dolls are for children (or adults) battling cancer and other illnesses who would like a doll for comfort and love.

This pattern is free for anyone who would like to help spread the love with a Feel Better Friends doll.  All I ask is that you link your pictures and comments about Feel Better Friends dolls to Shanonigans either through facebook, instagram or here at the blog.  You can download the pattern from my ravelry store or by simply clicking here: feel better friends DOLL.

One more request! If you would like to make a doll but aren’t sure how to make the clothes and accessories I am taking donated dolls and dressing them up for children in need. Once your donated doll has been dressed up and given to a chile I will post it along with a link to you and or your facebook page on my Shanonigans page as a thank you.  Please email me here if you would like to donate a doll!

Finally, I would like to invite you to my volunteer Feel Better Friends Doll Makers group on facebook where you can share your doll photos and find out how to donate your FBF doll to a child in need.
Have fun and happy hooking!

To learn more about Feel Better Friends Dolls please visit our question and answer section here.


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