Design Contest!

Recently we made it to over 1,000 ‘likes’ on facebook, woo-hoo!  Time to celebrate!  How about a contest?!


Know a creative, imaginative kid who would like to receive their very own crocheted creature they designed?

All you have to do is send in a high quality photo or scanned image of your child’s drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. along with their name and age, as well as your name and email address.  All entries should be sent via  private message on facebook here, or email here.

This contest is open to any child, 12 and under living in the continental US.  All entries must be received by midnight cst Tuesday July 22, 2014. The lucky winner will be announced early August 2014 (date to be announced). Up to 3 entries accepted per child. All acceptable entries will be posted on the Shanonigans facebook page along with the child’s first name and age. Winner will receive their very own creature crocheted to the likeness of their artwork.  Art should be created by the child using their own imagination.  It can be an animal, a doll, a monster, a robot, a silly creature….anything they want! To see samples and for inspiration check out Shanonigans before and after album here. Encourage the child to be creative and have fun!


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