And the winner is…

A big thanks to all the kids who entered the Shanonigans Toy Design contest! What a treat it was to see all the creative drawings and artwork that came in.  You all have some very talented kiddos out there!  So talented I had a VERY tough decision to make. Who would win?! I wanted the new toy to be colorful, fun and unique.  After days of thinking about it I FINALLY chose.

So without further delay I present to you the winner of the first Shanonigans Kids Toy Design contest winner….



collaborative piece by Marley and Shanonigans Marley’s drawing on the left and my crocheted interpretation on the right

Congratulations to Marley!!!

Marley lives in Colorado and she was just 6 years old (now 7) when she drew this fun colorful character wearing a pink skirt.  Isn’t it cute!

Thanks Marley for collaborating with me on this project and thanks to all the kids out there who entered! I think I might have to do this again in the near future.  Maybe a Halloween themed contest?!  But I think I’ll have to have all my facebook followers vote on the winner…that was the tough part!  🙂


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