2016 Temperature Blanket

It’s a new year…time for a new project!  This year I’ll be joining several crocheters making a 2016 Temperature Blanket.  If you are a crafter and haven’t heard of this you’ll want to keep reading.  Seriously, this is a fun and easy project that will keep your crafty fingers happy every day of the year! Here’s mine so far…


With only 4 days in, it may not be too exciting yet but at the end of the year I will have a beautiful, cozy blanket to cuddle in that represents each day of 2016 based on the weather. Here’s how it works…


First, pick your colors of yarn and decide your temperature range.  Most people go with either a 5 or 10 degree span and only use the temperatures that commonly occur throughout the year based on where they live.  Then you will need to determine which color will coordinate with each temperature range.  I went with a 5 degree span for each color except for the extreme temperatures I went with a larger span because those temperatures will rarely happen if at all.  I’m in Kansas though so you never know!  🙂


Next, you’ll want to choose a crochet (or knit) pattern to make your blanket. You can go with rows of single crochet or double crochet stitches, linen stitch or any stitch really.  Or you could go with a shape such as granny squares, flowers, hexagons, etc.  The possibilities are really endless, but one thing to keep in mind is that you will be making 366 (it’s a leap year) rows, granny squares or shapes, whatever you decide, so whatever it is keep it small or you’ll end up with a ginormous blanket!  Which of course is totally cool too if you like gigantic blankets!  🙂  I prefer a simple stitch of rows so I decided to go with a single crochet. There’s something beautiful about a simple stitch and all the beautiful colors together.


I’m storing my yarn in a cardboard box with slits in the top to hold each color of yarn with its specified temp range written next to it.

Which brings me to my final step.  Now you will need to determine if you will be creating your blanket using the high temperature for the day or the low temperature.  Or maybe the average.  Or maybe all three!  I decided I want to try to incorporate as many colors as possible so I’m doing ALL the temperatures throughout each day!  Each row will represent 24 hours.  Basically, I visually divide my blanket into fourths and add each color of each temperature that was reached throughout each 6 hour window.  I get my temperature information from http://www.timeanddate.com  Here is an example of the 24 hour temps from Jan 3rd and how I represented them in my blanket.


That’s it!  How fun is this going to be?!  If you haven’t started yet don’t worry there’s still time.  There are many websites and apps that can give you past days temperatures so you can get caught up.  Be sure to check back and see how my blanket turns out…or better yet follow me here on Facebook so you can see it progress over the months.

Sincerely, Shanon 🙂


UPDATE: this project is on hold as I work on some other crafts!  I’ve decided I’m a “seasonal” crocheter and tend to only crochet during the cold fall and winter months.  🙂



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