Monte the Colorful Monkey Pattern

Yay! Another Shanonigans original crochet pattern has been released!

monte the colorful monkey

Monte the Colorful Monkey pattern is now available in my ravelry store.

AND for 24 hours only it is available at half price!  No coupon code needed. Just make your purchase before noon (CDT) on Thursday, June 18, 2014 and you will receive this pattern at half price!

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Question and Answers

I’ve had a lot of questions about my latest Feel Better Friends project so I thought I’d dedicate a post just for questions and answers.


Q. What is it all about?

A. Feel Better Friends are handmade dolls stuffed with love and well wishes. I came up with the idea when I saw a picture of a little girl, Berkeley who was battling cancer holding her American Girl doll.  Like most little girls who have this popular doll Berkeley was “twinning”, or dressed identically with her doll.  There I was looking at a photo of this brave little girl who was proud to be going wigless to her doctor’s appointment that day and I couldn’t help but wonder if she would like for her doll to be able to go wigless too.  It was then that I decided to come up with a handmade doll created just for her with a wig and matching clothes that could go wigless too!  I had so much fun making Berekley’s doll that I decided to make more dolls for other children suffering illness who would like the comfort of a Feel Better Friend doll custom made with their own likeness and characteristics.  You can read more about the Feel Better Friends project and how it all started here.

Q. Who makes the dolls? Can I help?

A. As of right now it’s just me (Shanon from Shanonigans) making the dolls, but I am working on writing up the doll pattern and I have a group of volunteers waiting to make the dolls and deliver them to kids. Yes, we could always use more volunteers! If you would like to help make Feel Better Friends dolls join the facebook group called Feel Better Friends Doll Makers or email me.

UPDATE: volunteers have started making the dolls too…yay!  and the FBF crochet doll pattern is ready….double yay!

Q. How are the dolls made? What do they look like?

A. The dolls are crocheted and some of the clothes are hand sewn.  While the basic doll is the same, each one is custom made specifically for each child to represent the child’s characteristics and features. Below is an example of the first Feel Better Friends doll created for Berkeley.  More photos of dolls will be added here as they are created.

berkeley doll collage

Q. Is there a doll pattern available?

A. I am still working on writing the pattern up but hope to have it available soon. There is currently a draft of the pattern available under the ‘files’ tab in the facebook group, Feel Better Friends Doll Makers. In the meantime you can follow any of the following resources to find out when the completed pattern is available: Shanonigans facebook page, FBF doll makers group, in my ravelry store or here on the blog.

UPDATE: The FBF doll pattern is ready for everyone to make dolls for kids in need! You can find the pattern for free in my ravelry shop here.

Q. How are kids chosen to receive a FBF doll? Can I request a doll?

A. Dolls are given to any child with any major health condition that is either serious in nature or somehow makes the child feel ‘different’ than other kids.  Each doll request is determined on it’s own whether a doll can be created for that particular child.  If you would like to request a FBF doll please fill out the doll REQUEST completely and send it to the specified email address along with the requested photos of the child.  If you have any questions about your particular request please email me here.

Q. How long does it take to make a doll and have it delivered?

A. The amount of time spent on each FBF doll ranges depending on the amount of details involved but most dolls take between 10 and 20 hours.  Due to the number of dolls on the waiting list it can take several days to several weeks before your doll is produced.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.  If you are in need of a rush please explain your situation in the doll request form and we’ll do our best to have it to you as soon as possible.

Q. How is Feel Better Friends funded?

A. Feel Better Friends are completely 100% donated dolls, time and labor.  These dolls are created with love and made possible by donations from people like you.  Read below to find out the different ways you can help and to find out which way best fits you.

Q. How can I help?

A. The Feel Better Friends project is based completely on donations.  We appreciate any way you can help. Monetary donations can be accepted through our go fund me page found here. If you would like to help make the FBF dolls please join the facebook group here.  If you would like to donate yarn and other supplies please email me here. Finally, you can also purchase a Mini-Me doll with 100% of the donations going to the FBF project making it possible for us to make more dolls for more children. Thank you for your support!

Q. What are Mini-Me dolls?

A. Mini-Me dolls are adorable dolls created with the likeness of a child or an adult and are made with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Feel Better Friends project.  This is a way to make a donation and receive your very own doll.  Samples of the dolls are shown below or can be found here.  To order a Mini-Me doll please visit Shanonigans facebook page or email me here.


Other questions? Feel free to email me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

All the best,

Shanon from Shanonigans

A little kindness goes a long way

Since starting the Feel Better Friends project just a few short weeks ago I’ve had SO many wonderful comments and encouraging words sent my way.  I never dreamed of the amount of kindness I would receive.  I’ve also ‘met’ (over the internet) some wonderful people who are also working on running non-for-profit organizations or simply volunteer to help others. One person who has stuck out to me is a gal named Linda, owner of ConnieCaps, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer patients with stylish, hand-knit, custom order hats, cowls or fingerless mitts.  Her work is amazing!!  I encourage everyone to take a look and read more about her and how it all started.  She also has a go fund me page right now and she could really use your support.  Even just $5 can do a lot!  Please consider donating to this wonderful cause….and tell all your friends!  🙂


I just love that kindness has a way of bringing people together, don’t you?

Feel Better Friends

I’m SO excited to share with you a project I’ve been working on for some time now.  Introducing Feel Better Friends dolls!

crochet warrior doll

At first glance this adorable doll looks just like any of my other doll creations.  You may be wondering why is this one special, why is she called a Feel Better Friends doll?

Ever since I started crocheting about a year and a half ago I wanted to do something with my new skill to “give back” to my community.  I knew there were many ways to do so, such as making blankets for the homeless, scarves for the needy, or hats for cancer patients and NICU babies.  All of these are admirable projects and worthy causes but for some reason none of them really spoke to me.  I wanted to do something a little more fun and sort of unique.  As I continued on my search I worked on several crochet items broadening my skills and learning new techniques.  I eventually found a love for amigurumi projects including animals and dolls.  During this time I also happened to be following a facebook page called Berekeley’s Battle, for a young girl who is battling cancer.  I don’t know Berkeley or her family personally.  I just happened to come across her page where people can follow her journey and help her with their support, love, prayers, and kind words.  I not only felt compelled to follow because of her unfortunate situation and my desire to send my support but also because she lives in my hometown of Topeka, KS, making her story extra close to me.  Over time I followed and I crocheted.  Nothing really relating to the other until one day her family posted this picture of Berkeley with her doll.

sharing with permission from

sharing with permission from

Like many young girls she has her special American Girl doll she loves to take with her on outings.  They play together and dress alike.  It was when I saw this picture I felt inspired to help kids whose lives were touched by illness.  In that post, it said, “Berk has decided to go wigless…and she’s ‘twining’ with her American Girl doll.” My first thought was how much I could learn from this brave, adorable little girl about being strong when life gets hard. My second thought was how great it would be if Berkeley could actually be twins with her doll and they BOTH could go wigless! It’s then that I thought I could crochet Berkeley her very own twinsie doll she could take with her to doctors appointments and hold during her chemo treatments. I was very excited about this idea and quickly got to work, not knowing if I could pull it off or not, I never made a wig for a doll before… but I had to try.

I am pleased to announce that Berkeley now has her very own Berkeley Feel Better Friend!

child cancer illness doll

She has pretty brown eyes and a lovely smile, just like Berkeley. I tried to match her to wear a smaller version of some of her favorite clothes… including her signature pink cowgirl boots!!

sharing with permission from

sharing with permission from


 I made them both matching hats and of course she has a wig just like Berkeley does!


I don’t know how hard it must be for a little girl to face the struggles that comes with her illness.  I can only hope that her new doll brings a smile to her face, and a friend she can relate to.

Thank you Berkeley for sharing your courageous story and for being such an inspiration to so many!  It’s because of you that I might have found a way I can use my art to “give back”.  I plan to make more Feel Better Friend dolls as I have time and giving them to children who are fighting cancer and other related illnesses.  I’m already in the works of my second doll that will go to a special little boy from my hometown!

I encourage everyone to follow along on Berkeley’s Battle and share your support!

I’ve had many requests from fellow crocheters and crafters who would like to be involved in this project or make some of their own Feel Better Friends to donate to cancer centers in their area.  I appreciate all the help I can get and encourage anyone who would like to be a part of this organization to join the Feel Better Friends Doll Makers group on facebook.  If you have another way you would like to help or donate please message me here. You can also like my Shanonigans page on facebook to see more dolls as they are made. Thank you all for your support and kind words!


All the best,



If you would like to request a doll for a qualifying child fill out the doll REQUEST form and send it to me along with at least 2 photos of the child.

All dolls are 100% donated and handmade by volunteers.  Please allow several weeks to months to receive your doll.

If you would like to donate supplies or make a monetary donation please email me here.

Daisy Dolligans Giveaway! …UPDATE!

Introducing Daisy Dolligans!

crochet daisy dolligans

Daisy loves April showers and picking May flowers… daisies are her favorite of course.  😉

I’m excited to announce that this beautiful Spring doll is up for grabs as a free giveaway this week. Starting Monday May 12, 2014 through Sunday May 18th, 2014 you can enter daily to win.  All you have to do is follow the simple directions below. Good luck!

GIVEAWAYTo enter click the giveaway image above or simply click here!

If you would like to see more Dolligans or for more information to order your very own doll visit Shanonigans here.

UPDATE: (5/13/2014)

I’ve added a third way to enter and win!

1: like my facebook page

2: pin one of the above pics on pinterest

3: leave a comment below telling me who you would give Daisy to if you win.

Be sure to confirm all of your entries through the rafflecopter entry page here.

Have fun and good luck!

UPDATE: (5/19/2014)

And the winner is…..

Jessica H

Congratulations Jessica, you were randomly chosen as the winner of Daisy Dolligans!

Thank you all who entered!  We will definitely be doing more of these fun giveaways in the future, so be sure to follow along at!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear and Bunny


Introducing my latest crochet patterns, Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear and Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny.  These two are best friends and are so easy to create on your own.

crochet bear and bunny duo

So cute from the top of the ears all the way down to their fuzzy wuzzy tails.

They work up fast making it a great gift if you need one in a hurry. Please note you will need 9mm safety eyes or the ability to sew eyes on in a different way. Embroidery thread will also be needed to make the nose and mouth on these critters. I used Super Bulky (6) yarn and a J (6mm) hook but I have had my pattern testers have luck using Bulky (5) yarn with an I (5mm) hook making your finished item only slightly smaller.  You can purchase this adorable duo in my ravelry shop by clicking here.

fuzzy-wuzzy-BEAR         fuzzy wuzzy bunny

Or you can find them available for individual purchase too.  Just click the buy now icons above or go here for the bear and here for the bunny.

I hope you love these guys as much as I do.  If you have any questions or comments please let me know or visit my facebook page for more info.

Spring Blanket

So last year I had this grand idea to crochet a beautiful spring blanket.  Here I am one year later still working on that same beautiful spring blanket. lol  🙂

  shanonigans beautiful spring blanket

Now obviously I didn’t work on this continuously for one year…. I’m not that slow of a hooker. 🙂  Actually, I only tend to work on it in the spring and summer….which is a little odd because most crocheters tend to take the warmer months off from working up large blankets and afghans.  Must be those pretty spring colors that keep me going.

spring crochet stitches

Anyways, I’ve had several people ask me what pattern I used and what hook.  So I thought I’d answer those questions here.  First off, there is no pattern.  Not in terms of an actual pattern to work from or in the blanket. There is no pattern to my color choices or what stitch I used on each row.  Of course, I did choose my 8 colors (listed below) of yarn before I even start. And I decided to only use rows of single crochets (sc) or double crochets (dc) but other than that there is no rhyme or reason to the order.  I’m working it up using a 5.5mm “I” hook and these pretty colors:

Vanna’s Choice – Mustard
Impeccable – Rouge
Impeccable – Grass
Impeccable – Aqua
Impeccable – White
Simply Soft – Persimmon
Red Heart Soft – Guacamole
Red Heart Soft – Seafoam

colorful spring blanket stitches

I started with around 250 chains and then did a row of dc in aqua starting in the 3 ch from the hook all the way to the end.  At the end of that row I attached the next color (in my case seafoam blue) in the last pull through of the last st.  I turned my blanket, did 2 chains and dc down the line until that row was complete.  At the end of that row I pulled up my next color (white) on the last pull through of the last st.  Then I turned and chained only one because I wanted to do a row of sc stitches.  At that point I continued on with my row of sc to the end.  After that I continued in the same process, randomly picking colors and randomly picking my row of stitches to be sc or dc.  Now I’m at about 115 rows and would like to  triple that!  Wowzers…I better get busy!

It’s a fun, mindless project. You know those kind that you don’t have to think about.  It gives me a break from my amigurumi pieces and helps me relax.  Of course there’s a good chance I’ll still be working on this blanket this time next year, but eventually it will be done and I’ll love it even more!

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Happy hooking!


If you’ve been oohing over this colorful little monkey just waiting for the perfect time to order your very own, wait no longer!


Now through Saturday April 26th order this colorful rainbow monkey and receive 10% off!  Plus you can even customize it with your own colors!

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Please note, all items are made to order once payment is made in full. Prices do not include shipping.  Payments must be received by end of day (11:59 pm cst) to receive discount.

To find out more feel free to email me or visit my shanonigans page

Some ‘Bunny’ Loves You!


I love all of you! Thanks for following my website and other social media pages.  Crocheting make me happy and I love to share the happiness with all of you!

For those of you who also love to crochet, and specifically would love to crochet this adorable little bunny, the pattern is coming SOON! Stay tuned.

Happy Easter! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Crazy Shanonigans!

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Also, did you happen to notice that Mini is the inspiration for the drawing above?  Yup, that’s her!

She’s on all of our business cards now.  She leads such an exciting life.  😉


We hope to see you soon!

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